25th Swarthmore Reunion Pictures
for the Class of 1977

The Class of 1977 Reunion Procession

Martha Burdick, xxxxxx, Glenn Cutler, Andy Dannenberg, Martha Sanders,
xxxxx, Annie Crane Newman '78, Dave Newman '76, Dan Miner, Mark Bernstein

Lou Ann Matossian and Karl Heineman
Gregg Davis '80 is on the left

Mark Bernstein and Jenny France

Jill Theg and Susan Frontczak

Chip Wilker and Linda Thorsen

Cecily Roberts (Selling)

Dave Bayer

Martha Sanders and Kate Harper

Dave Schroeder

Bob Hawrylak and Gerry Yeager

Julie Potter

Eugenie (Isbrandtsen) and Brad Gentry

Patrick Weaver

James Knight

Maureen Bernier Jacobsen

Vicky Clark

Julie Pierson


Chip Boykin

Avis Harrell and Family

Chris Wright and Daughter
Elizabeth Wright '04

Glenn Kutler and his wife, Simone

Jill Theg

Ann McKee Montgomery, Kathy Pozorski and son

Jerry Tersoff and Kathy Garges