Guardian Keeps Series

Will Garum the halfling cook and his collection of misfit novice adventurers be able to stop bickering and flirting long enough to escape from a massive dungeon?

The Guardian Keeps is an adult fantasy series in the spirit of oldtime roleplaying adventures.

Xenotech Support Series

Fifteen years after Earth joins the Galactic Free Trade Association the planet is flooded with alien technology. Somebody has to support all the new galactic tech and Jack Buckston, President, CEO and sole employee of Xenotech Support Corporation, does his best to keep his clients happy, find true love and prevent interstellar war. Galactic technology has cured cancer, solved the energy crisis, and eliminated global warming--but what do the aliens want from us? They can't get enough Congressional subcommittee broadcasts--they consider them reality comedies! Xenotech Support is a light-hearted science fiction humor series.

The Congruent Mage Series

Eynon is a curious farm boy from the western edge of the kingdom of Dâron, excited to leave his village and set off on his wander year. He’s just turned sixteen and hopes for at least a few adventures. He promptly finds a magic artifact and accidentally triggers it to launch a powerful fireball, destroying an old oak tree. A nearby farmer witnesses the fireball and says, “Well, young man, it looks like you’re going to need a wizard.”.

The Congruent Mage Series is an epic fantasy for adults and young adults...

Spiral Arm Press

A private publishing house dedicated to producing Dave Schroeder's creative work, Spiral Arm Press handles trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook production.